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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  October 23, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> i know boca raton knows how to turn out a crowd, even at 5:30 in the morning. >> what did you learn? >> booing a 9-year-old girl, a lot of these people must have come down from philly or something. >> i would like to tell the people of boca raton, i learned the difference between my nike socks and surgical hose. >> my goodness. boek kashgs thank you guys so much. absolutely fantastic. unbelievable crowd. coming out at 3:30 in the morning. unbelievable. >> i'm a little worried about anna bell. >> you're going to be fine. >> you booed her. >> it's "morning joe." we'll see you back in new york. stick around right now for chuck todd. foreign exchange, third debate between president obama and mitt romney. packed a punch.
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the biggest bellwether of the night might be a back and forth, not over the middle east, china or europe but ohio. a battle over the buckeye state was one of the few topics that pushed romney to engage the president and ohio's one of seven battleground states. we'll show you where you'll see the candidates nonstop. one state not on the list anymore, nevada. find out why the silver state may be gold for the president's electoral vote. good morning from lynn university in boca raton, florida. two weeks until election day. let me repeat, it's two weeks until election day, and also october 23, 2012, this is "the daily rundown" and i'm chucked to. let's get to first reads. the third and final debate between president obama and mitt romney was a study in contrast. but it wasn't contrast on the debate itself. an aggressive president acting
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like a candidate with more to prove and a risk averse romney playing prevent defense, aiming to do no harm. president gamed arm with zingers trying to disqualify romney as potential commander in chief and romney hit him back barely directly. >> a few months ago when you asked what's the biggest jie yoe political threat facing america, you said russia. not al qaeda. russia. the cold war's been over for 20 year. you seem to want to imimportant foreign policies of the 1980s lining the social policies of the 1950s. i know you haven't been in a position to execute foreign policy but every time you've offered an opinion you've been wrong. >> attacking me is not an agenda. attacking me is not how we'll deal with problems in the middle east. >> as debate went on romney settled on a strategy of trying
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to stay above the fray, searching for areas of agreement and at times romney sounded downright dovish. >> you stuck with mumbarak? >> no, i believe as the president indicated and said at the time, i supported his action there. we had to go into pakistan. we had to go in there to get osama bin laden. that was the right thing to do. it's widely reported that drones are used in drone strikes and i support that entirely. we can't kill our way out of this mess. we don't want another iraq, another afghanistan. that's not the right course for us. >> doing his best to sit on what his campaign believes is momentum and potentially a lead, and avoid alienating swing voters, particularly suburban women, the president was left to suggest romney's shift to the center was momentum of inconsistent foreign policy that would make him an unreliable commander in chief. >> whether it's the middle east, whether it's afghanistan, whether it's iraq, whether it's
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now iran, you've been all over the map. your strategy previously has been one all oef the map. what we need to do with respect to the middle east is strong, steady leadership, not wrong and reckless leadership that is all over the map. >> romney's harshest credit teak of the president, he tried to pin what he called a, quote, rising tied of chaos on the president, saying that the obama administration failed to live up to promises that candidate obama made in the 2008 race. >> you look at the record of the last four years and say, is iran closer to a bomb? yes. is the middle east in tumult? yes. is al qaeda on the run? on its heels? no. it is -- are israel and palestinians closer to reaching a peace agreement? no, they haven't had talks in two years. >> by and large, romney stuck to his strategy of refusing to engage the president no matter
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what. in fact, he let some charges go completely unanswered, not responding to what was a seemingly rehearsed obama line and the line of the night, if you will, of this debate on defense spending. >> i think governor romney hasn't spent enough time looking at how our military works. you mentioned the navy, for example. we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. governor, we also had fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military's changed. we have these things called aircraft carriers where planes land on them. >> it was amazing, no response from romney on that front. it was a debate designed to focus on foreign policy. the two candidates did their best to steer the conversation back to the economy and domestic policy as much as they could get away with. >> we've got to make sure we reduce our deficit. unfortunately, governor romney's plan doesn't do it. >> when it comes to our economy here at home, i know what it takes to create 12 million new jobs. >> what we've done is reformed
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education, 46 states. >> we have to have training programs that work for our workers and schools that finally put the parents andeachers and the kids first. >> let me get back to foreign policy. i can just get back -- >> about halfway through the debate candidates, both of them, seemed to hijack it back to the economy. perhaps the most important exchange of the night wasn't about foreign policy. it was another clash over the issue the president hopes will win him ohio, the auto bailout. romney took the president's bait on this one, clearly believing he needs to litigate this issue if he's going to move voters in toledo and akron and move ohio into his column. >> if we had taken your advice about auto industry, we would be buying cars from china instead of selling cars to china. >> i'm a son of detroit. my dad is head of a car company. i like american cars. i would do nothing to hurt the u.s. auto industry. my plan to get the industry on its feet, when it was in real trouble, was not to start
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writing checks. it was president obama that wrote the first checks. i disagree with that. i said these companies need to go through managed bankruptcy. >> governor romney, you keep on trying to air brush history here. you were very clear that you would not provide government assistance to the u.s. auto companies even if they went through bankruptcy. you said that they could get it in the private marketplace. that wasn't true. they would have gone through -- >> you're wrong, mr. president. >> i'm not -- >> you're wrong. >> i'm not wrong. >> look it up. >> people will look it up. >> did romney blur distinction between himself and the president or get coverage for what sounds con voe luted and more disappointing to those folks in northern ohio? this is about winning toledo, youngstown, akron, and guess where president and vice president biden are today? ohio. uncommitted voters picked the
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president by a two to one margin in a cbs news poll. rather than argue that their candidate won the night, what was interesting is team romney is persuaded romney cleared the only bar he needed to, that he proved he is a viable commander in chief, that he passioned the class. maybe he didn't ace the class. here was congressman paul ryan on the "today" show this morning. >> you know, what we saw with this debate? we saw mitt romney is ready to be a great president. we saw a man with command of the facts, the temperament and demeanor that makes for a great president. >> in his morning show round-robin, as it's called in tv language, ryan was asked why romney failed to take an obvious opportunity to criticize the president on libya. >> it's been a story of changing stories by the administration. we didn't want to go into all the litigation of it because what mitt romney wanted to do was lay out his vision for the country. >> team obama denies the president looked like a candidate who's behind saying
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that the aggressive line of attack was required to make romney's foreign policy views clear. the vice president taped his own round of network interviews this morning after ulated risk, coun the swing voters who watched last night's debate ended the night feeling like, these undecided voters did, who spoke to ron allen in tampa. >> i didn't get anything out of it. these elections aren't decided based on foreign policy. everybody knows it's going to be the economy and the social issues. >> i voted for obama in the first election.
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i'm hoping, and i was hoping in this debate, that he would have said something that would encourage me to give me the same feeling i had four years ago. right now as it stands, you know, i'm giving romney the matter of doubt and i'm going to give him a shot at his chance at the seat. >> now two-week sprint to the finish and begins today. both candidates used their closing statements last night to preview their closing arguments for the next two weeks. >> we've been through tough times but we always bounce back because of our character, because we pull together. if i have the privilege of being your president for another four years, i promise you, i will always listen to your voices, fight for your families, and i will work every single day to make sure that america continues to be the greatest nation on earth. >> we need strong leadership. i'd like to be that leader with your support. ilt work with you. i'll lead you in an open and
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honest way and i'd like to be the next president of the united states to support and help this great nation and to make sure we all together maintain america as the hope of the earth. >>. meanwhile the president's campaign is up with a closer ad of sorts, what could be seen as a response. to all those who have been arguing he hasn't played out a second term vision. >>. >> we're not there yet but we've made real progress. the last thing we should do is turn back now. here's my plan for the next four years. making he would indication and training a national priority. building on manufacturing boom, boosting american made energy, reducing the deficits responsibly by cutting where we can and asking the wealthy to pay a little more. it's your honor to be your president and i'm asking for your vote. so, together we can keep moving america forward. >> today the president kick off a three-day cross-country blitz which will take him to the
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important battleground states, throwing in chicago for early vote, throwing in los angeles in order to do jay leno. romney, meanwhile, is headed west. he'll hold rallies in colorado before returning to the all-important western battleground states of ohio and iowa. more to come on this "the daily rundown," coming in here senator kerry will be here next. he says the president sank romney's battle ship last night. what are undecided voters saying? brian williams will be spending two days on the campaign trail with president obama as he sets out on that seven-state campaign swing. we'll have some of brian's reporting from the trail tomorrow on the show. and here's a look ahead at the schedules today. president obama, they keep saying they're departing del ray, florida.
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nowhere in the world is america's influence greater. >> in egypt we stood on the side of democracy. in libya we stood on the side of the people. there's no doubt that attitudes about americans have changed. >> the candidates disagreed
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sharply on how america's role in the world has changed over the last four years. they were surprisingly cannot when it came to their visions for handling foreign policy challenges over the next four years. john kerry joins me now on mafl of the obama campaign and now, as the whole world knows, you played mitt romney in these debates. >> today is the day of the exorcism. >> very quickly on that front. how long did you start doing your own prep to play mitt romney in this? >> early summer. >> anything he did in these debates surprise you? >> yes. yesterday he changed every position. i mean, a moment ago i was listening to his closing argument. he said, i would be strong, open and honest. last night he was weak and wrong and he wasn't open and honest. because for seven years he's
9:18 am
been running for president of the united states. for the last year he's been criticizing the president for syria in afghanistan, policy in middle east, policy in israel. last nim he came in and agreed. the american people cannot trust mitt romney. >> why do you think he did it? >> i think he wants to -- he thought he could come in, agree, and fool people. he can hide his real vision and people would think, he's reasonable. the people who got us into rack, who broke up american's relationship, satisfied to are torture as an american policy, and he doesn't want people to think he would go back there. >> why don't you -- why don't you believe this is genuine? >> from mitt romney? >> yeah. >> because he's had -- look n massachusetts people know him well. he's probably 20 to 25 points behind -- >> is he a moderate governor?
9:19 am
>> let me finish. no. let me finish. he's 20 to 25 points behind in his home state. he's probably the first governor to run for president will not carry his home state because people who know him the best trust him the least. he couldn't run for re-election. he was at 37% because he was doing things differently from the way he was going to run. why? because he wants to be president. >> i'm going to play you something from one of these, you know, every news organization has their own version of undecided this, undecided that. let me play you what one of these undecided voters we were talking to in tampa said last night about mitt romney and this new messaging. >> i felt like romney agreed with the president a lot and i was surprised there wasn't more distinction between them. so, it -- i'm glad he did. i felt some of the things he was saying before, he was kind of speaking in a language that
9:20 am
would isolate us and bring us toward the rest of the world. >> if that is the romney-m that's president, would that make you feel better? >> no. because, chuck, having run for president of the united states, have i a fundamental belief that you have to tell the truth to the american people and you have to have real plans. what we know about romney that is real is that he has a $5 trillion tax cut, 20% off the current rates, extent bush tax cuts, kal capital gains, don't change estate tax, keep some things. he wants $2 trillion for defense spending. that's $7 trillion. if i was generous and gave him every single deduction there is, we'll say, okay, we'll give them back to you, but he said he doesn't want them all, you get $2.5 trillion. the difference in those is a $5 trillion hole. he says to america, i will not raise the deficit. yes, you will, mr. romney,
9:21 am
because your plan doesn't add up. he's not telling the truth to america. i don't think that's the way a president ought to run for president. most importantly, how can you elect somebody where they're hiding their positions, you can't trust where they're going to take the country. president obama has been successful in turning the economy around. we have lowest level of jobless claims in four years. lowest level of job rate in four years. lowest level of foreclosures in four years. the stock market's been strong. 401(k)s are up. we're in resurgence. let me finish one thought. i know you want to go -- >> no, no. >> this is important. the president's policies are working and has laid out a plan five different things he wants to do on skills, job creation, manufacturing, deficit reduction, infrastructure here at home to put people back to work over the next four years. >> why does this race feel like it's moving in romney's direction? >> well, obviously, everybody
9:22 am
knows the president didn't have a great first debate. that changed the dynamic. we all understand that. but the president, the last two debates have been superb. he won them. last night listening to romney was like listening to a candidate running on cliff notes or who had ros rose etta stone foreign politics. this is the least, least foreign policy experience vice president/presidential candidate ever presented to the country in modern times. >> i want to ask you about sequester. it was part of the big bayonet line the president used. the president said something specifically about sequester the campaign ended up walking back. let me play it for you. >> sequester is not something i propose. it's something congress has proposed. it will not happen. >> he said it factually, it will
9:23 am
not happen. the president appeared to take that off the table. david plouffe walked it back. i understand nobody wants this to happen but by saying it do you think it messed up the negotiating stance of the democrats here? >> not in the least. i've heard from more republicans who are prepared to do what they think is reasonable, which is not what mitt romney is proposing. mind you, chuck, mitt romney has signed the grover norquist pledge not to raise any revenue. he doubled down on in in both debates. he said, i won't take 10-1, i won't ways revenue. that's the formula for gridlock. that is what stopped the super committee i served on from getting an agreement because they signed a pledge to l lobbyists -- >> sequester going to happen -- >> let me finish the thought. many republicans have come up to me and said, we've had enough of that pledge. we have to move forward. not mitt romney. he's running on the pledge but
9:24 am
the republicans and the senate say -- >> they won't do it. >> they won't do it because you'd lose 3% to 4% of gdp, 000s of jobs rapidly. it would be disastrous for americans. i don't believe sequester will happen. >> we're looking forward to the john kerry/rob portman debate. we're looking forward -- >> we to want go back to who we are. >> fair enough. thank you for coming on this morning. our post-debalt roundup continues next. the always can dit, former new hampshire governor john sununu will be on the set with the take on the debate. facebook reports earnings and then apple. they claim they have something new. you know the lines are already forming. trify question, in the last 80 years how many times has florida not voted for the winner of the national election? ♪
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romney sprinkled a ton of factoids into last night's debate. maybe it's his knack for number crunching onto foreign policy. it was interesting even if he was off on geography. >> egypt, 6 million population. egypt, 80 million population. our navy is smaller than 1917. they needed 300 ships we're now at 285. syria is iran's only ally, the route to the sea. our air force is older and
9:29 am
smaller than any time since it was founded in 1947. >> joining me from the romney campaign, john sununu, usually very hard to coax him out of his shell. in the mornings. welcome, sir. >> it's good to be here. i want to ask you the factoids it was seemed as mitt romney was trying to convey, hey, i know the world. is that a fair way of trying to say it? sometimes felt a little book reportish? >> no. i think what the governor was trying to do was the third debate in the three-debate strategy, trying to complete the introduction of himself to the people in america who had only seen him through the hate ads, $300 million worth of hate ads from the obama -- >> three-debate strategy sounds like spin for, we don't think we won the third debate. >> no, it makes you trying to make it sound like spin. he won the -- >> you're spinning the spinning now. >> he demonstrated that he knew the strategy of foreign policy.
9:30 am
he demonstrated he knew the detai details. he showed how to put them together. he showed them putting together, the failure of the obama policies and he laid out an agenda for what he would do as president. >> what makes the romney foreign policy difference? i think the confusion for a lot of foreign policy wonks on the republican side, he didn't lay out a foreign policy, particularly one that was distinctive from -- >> well, if they listened, they would have heard it. >> let's go country by country. >> what did they miss? >> in libya, he made it clear that the silly thing to do is try to lead from behind. what the united states should have done is been much more definitive at the front end, been much more a part of selecting which one of the option teams, opposition groups would end up being in power. we left it to the europeans, look at the mess. in syria, he criticized the president for waiting a year before saying assad had to go, from being aggressive,
9:31 am
supporting the more rational components and providing assistance there. >> not providing assistance. he himself said he wouldn't provide military assistance in syria. >> no, he said he would provide assistance. in russia he made it clear that he understands that putin has ambitions to recreate the soviet empire. the president in his famous comment to mevdev, that's wrong to say the old soviet union they aspire to be, that after the election i'll be more flexible. those are three principle areas in which he differed. more than, he difed with the president on resupporting the defense system to rebuild what we have to do. the president has made it clear that is he not a supporter of defense spending. if you read woodbird's book you'll see how much disdain he
9:32 am
has for the military. romney says if we're going to be a super power with super power responsibilities, we have to rebuild our military. >> one area -- another area of confusion -- >> is that enough disagreement for you? >> you laid out more disagreements -- >> he laid them out last night just because he's -- >> let me give you one where i was confused when it comes to his policy on afghanistan. i'm going to play you a couple bites on afghanistan what he said previously and what he said last night. >> when i'm president we'll bring out troops out by 2014. >> my goal will be to complete a successful transaction to afghan security forces by the end of 2014. i'll evaluate conditions on the ground and solicit the best advice of our military commanders. >> in afghanistan, the surge was right. but announcing a withdrawal date, that was wrong. the taliban may not have watches but they do have calendars. >> governor, you know as well as i do that's not what governor
9:33 am
romney said last night. he said last night basically there is no difference between him and the president on afghanistan and he did not make any caveats about conditions on the ground. any of those things. that is a change in policy? >> well, he said last night he's going to complete the withdrawal of american troops by the end of 2014. >> period? which is the first time he put a period on that sentence. >> because he's talking with a two-minute time limit. let's talk about what he really focused on in afghanistan, which is crucial and demonstrated what i think the president does not understand and that's how crucial pakistan is and the pakistan/afghanistan relationship. pakistan has 100 nuclear weapons, as the governor pointed out last night. it is a country with a division of power. it is a country in which terrorists could, if it falls, get their hands on those nuclear weapons. the reason have you to have an afghanistan policy that makes some sense is that you have pakistan next door. what we do not want to do is cut and run the way this president did in iraq without a status of
9:34 am
forces agreement, which would allow the u.s. to have some influence in that process. >> governor sununu, you reiterated the same afghanistan policy i heard from candidate romney about pakistan and -- >> the race for president is not how you -- what nuance you want to find in the afghanistan policy. it's whether or not you understand the strategic fabric of that whole region. and the critical issue in that particular issue is how you deal with pakistan. and that's what governor romney put a little focus on we haven't heard from the president in a long, long time. >> my producer is saying i'm running out of time. i have to ask you about a university of new hampshire poll that has the president with an eight-point lead. i know it's one of your favorite polls. the last time you were on -- >> it's a -- >> with a 15-point lead. second time. are they seeing something you're not? >> well, the guys that pay for that poll, wmur, decided not to put their name on it because they understand it is
9:35 am
ridiculous. ppp has it one-point race, romney up. suffolk poll has -- >> as the country goes, new hampshire goes, do you believe that? >> no, as new hampshire goes the country goes. >> do you believe the same direction? >> 2%, 3% win for romney in new hampshire. >> thank you. joining the wall street quickly where the market is down as the market misses with dupont and 3m. becky quick joins us. i'm late to you because two good johns in front, john kerry and john sununu. >> no argument. gentlemen worth listening. we've only been open for five minutes, chuck, and the dow is down by 166 points. didn't start out this way this morning. early this morning it looked like it was going to be a much easier session. then we heard from dupont, the first of the big dow components to report this morning. this was a big miss. the company missed expectations in terms of earnings, in terms of revenue. they also gave us concerning outlook. they talked about the global
9:36 am
economic uncertainty. we hear all the time about global economic uncertainty. when you start looking through the numbers, it's really a very concerning report. the company also saying it's going to be cutting 1500 jobs around the globe as a result of this. that is about 2% of global work force. later in the morning we heard from 3m, another big dow component that we pay an awful lot of attention to. they talk about current economic realities and why they are lowering earnings expectations for the full year, because of what they're having a tough time in. ceo talked about slow growth dmi. this it a reality that's setting in. that's why you're seeing so much pressure on the stocks. now we're down by 172 points. >> my 8-year-old wastes more scotch tape than anybody i know in america so that's got to be helping 3m. >> i'm sticky notes all the way. up next -- thank you. up next, betting on nevada. our brand new battleground map shows the odds favoring the president there. we're taking a deep dive into nevada by the numbers.
9:37 am
states electorate. in 2004, hispanic voters backed
9:38 am
john kerry over president bush by 20 votes. in 2008 hispanics backed barack obama over john mccain by a whopping 54 points. by the way, they made up 15% of the total vote that year. you see what's going on here. and harry reid's senate race against sharon engel they backed reid by 40%. the key for the president is to simply do this, run up the score with hispanic voters, early voters and heavily populated counties around las vegas and reno. mitt romney and paul ryan will be in henderson, nevada, later today and president obacircles . if he can't win the silver state, how does he win the white
9:39 am
house without nevada? we're putting nevada in the blue. let's go through this. that means the president is sitting at 243. we're going to go quickly to see how does mitt romney do this without nevada? obviously for him, it starts with florida. he get that, gets him up to 235. i don't know what john sununu said about new hampshire. virginia they think is moving in their column. they're very confident about colorado. i'm a little skeptical but that gets him to 257. they are behind right now. they'll kind of acknowledge it when they say the race is even in ohio. that's code for, we're probably behind a point or two in ohio. they acknowledge that they're behind in wisconsin. that's the problem there for mitt romney. he can't be behind in either one of those two states. that's what that new number means to president obama if nevada is there. look at what he doesn't need anymore. then mitt romney can still win iowa. oh, by the way, he can do what
9:40 am
john. says, win virginia. it means he has to pick off -- mitt romney has to pick off one of those two midwestern states. i'm going to go in deeper into nevada. joining me now is the guru of nevada politics, political journalist john ralston, host of the program "ralston reports" and the website. were we right to move nevada? you get upset when we don't call it a battleground state. is it right to say it leans obama? >> no question it leans obama. early voting numbers, there's been three days of early voting and you mentioned las vegas, clark county, that makes up 70% of the vote. the democrats already have a 20,000 vote lead there. they'll bank a lot more votes. 11 days left.
9:41 am
you showed the math with hispanic vote, 15% to 18% of the vote. it's very difficult for a republican to win state wide. with mitt romney and paul ryan being in henderson, a las vegas suburb, and romney flying to reno to do an event tomorrow, they saw what you just showed everybody, chuck, how difficult it is for him to win without having never never if he loses ohio. >> it becomes very hard. it makes these other -- he's got to win two of the three midwestern battle grounds when you take nevada off the map. let me ask you this, did harry reid just show that -- i guess my question is, is nevada the next new mexico where four years from now we won't even have it on the initial battleground map? it will essentially get a couple visits early from a republican and then it's just a lock for whoef the democratic nominee is? >> i'm not sure about that. i don't want to take it off the battleground status. >> i know you don't. >> but i think the points you're making is right.
9:42 am
there might be a microcosm with republican party with the burgeoning hispanic population. the republicans need to find a way to talk to the hispanic community. they cannot sustain 30 and 40-point losses in that community in nevada and hope to ever win nevada again. we'll see what happens but early numbers here looks like the hispanic vote is turning out. the culinary union, biggest union, most of the gaming employees are represented, huge hispanic population. they're turning out to vote. it's very difficult tore me to make the argument that nevada is going to be a battleground state again in four years. but i may try anyway. >> i've had republicans tell me that is the reason mitt romney has made inroads with some hispanics in colorado but hasn't in nevada simply because of the power of the unions in las vegas. fair? >> i think that's right. and i think that harry reid's machine last time, which you pointed to is real. it was real in 2008 when barack obama won the state by 12
9:43 am
points. i don't think too many people think he's going to win by 12 points. and the republicans are turning out better than they did in 2008. chuck, that's like comparing this year's miami football team to the glory years. there's no comparison. >> exactly. >> i have to ask you quickly, what does that mean for the senate rate? try to do it in less than 30 seconds. you know what a wrap cue is. >> i do. shelly berkeley is running behind in the state but if barack obama wins by five, six, seven, point we'll be in for a long night in the u.s. senate rate. it will be very close. >> john ralston, much appreciated. good to have you on the east coast. sorry i'm not there in person. but we'll try it another time. i've got a super sized panel here in florida. we'll get their take on our brand new nbc battleground map and the shrinking number of toss-up states. first, "soup of the day," an oldie but goody, mushroom and
9:44 am
leek. will the obama campaign leak where they think the battle ground state is? [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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the magic number is shrinking, the number of states considered up for grabs on this lkz day. we have a new battleground map. we moved iowa into true toss-up. we turned nevada blue. of never new england blue. and north carolina in the mitt romney's column. it's a really seven-state push now. let's debate this with our super panel, if you will. susan page, msnbc contributor and political editor, perry bacon, nia-malika henderson and adam smith.
9:48 am
i've known you a long time. the last thing you are is a mean guy. >> i'm a pussycat. >> adam, we're putting on the spot here. two weeks ago, all of the republican smart people would talk to all of us and say, virginia, north carolina, florida, that's moving romney after this first debate. now it's all about the midwest. right or wrong? >> i don't think so. if you look at average of the polls, romney up one or two points but this is very much a toss-up state. demographics are favoring obama. absentee ballots look very good. >> what's changed from '04 florida to today florida? >> here's what you want to look at. you want to look a miami-dade, huge democratic margins there. >> that's bigger this time than in '04? >> they think it can be bigger. it was huge last time. you look around orlando area. >> not a swing county. >> not in the slightest. that's exploding puerto rican
9:49 am
population. that's where obama's effort more than anywhere else. >> susan page, where is this race heading. two-week sprint. where is it headed? >> i think adam can be a little mean, by the way. we knew this was a close race, right? i don't think -- >> closer than you thought? >> i think it's -- i think it is now impossible to call. you know, there was a time when i thought president obama had a little bit of an edge right before that first debate. i think now it is impossible to predict who's going to win this election. >> what did you think of the body language last night of barack obama? did that come across as a guy who thought he might be a little behind? >> everything he did came cross as someone who was trying -- romney seemed like the favorite last night and seemed more comfortable, more relaxed. earlier where romney was trying to gain points and president was sitting on the lead. the reverse last night. >> nia, we're seeing new closing arguments from the president. should this get rid of what david plouffe likes to call the bed wetters, yes, he's going to try to run on a second term
9:50 am
vision the last two weeks? mitt romney proved you can make a late change here, move later. there was criticism by republicans that said he should move to the center of his convention and he waited until his first and now that strategy is working. could this wait for the president? >> waiting to the last two weeks. we remember in 2008, a 30-minute ad ran across the networks. we see him doing that with that straight to camera ad where he makes the closing arguments. of course, they're hoping that the bed wetters, the last voters particularly swing women who haven't made up their mind. >> i'll sneak in a break and then by vote and move my states on this fun little slider program but decide which way to move it. in the last 80 years how many times has florida not voted for the winner of the presidential election? adam, did you know the answer? >> yes. >> it was twice, 1992. george w. bush won florida. bill clinton won the white house. 1960, florida picked nixon but
9:51 am
the country chose kennedy. you have a political trivia question that should be on the show? e-mail us. we'll be right back and, yes, i will deal with all of your tweets about 2000 and florida. ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. we create easy-to-use, powerful trading tools for all. look at these streaming charts! they're totally customizable and they let you visualize what might happen next. that's genius!
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all right. i want 0 show off the gadget. susan, adam, we'll say florida last, adam. where do you have colorado? >> romney. >> romney. >> romney, too. >> three romneys. adam? doesn't matter. we'll put it there. we'll see. okay. new hampshire, adam, go. >> romney. >> obama. >> man -- >> push. >> come on! >> obama. >> romney. >> you're 2-2. i have to leave it.
9:55 am
wisconsin. >> obama. >> obama. >> obama. >> all right. we'll put that there. new hampshire we're leaving. virginia? >> obama. >> obama. >> obama? >> i'm going to go obama. >> romney. >> romney? >> romney, too. >> leave it in the middle. >> iowa? >> obama. >> obama, too? >> obama, but boy, that's moved. >> you're all there. >> all right. i'm not giving my opinion here. we'll go -- since adam is here, ohio first. >> i'm going to go obama. >> obama, too. >> obama. >> obama. >> well then if that's what you think, it's over. moved it this way, it wouldn't matter. you say the plern firewall is going to hold. >> yeah, yeah. >> i'm not sure the iowa holds. i won't make you comment on florida but if you had to push florida today, where? >> push it to romney. >> romney. >> i think romney. >> look at that. florida wouldn't be enough. we'll see. i get to play with the slider more before the election.
9:56 am
that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." shameless plugs? >> the harris parish and congratulations to him. >> make a difference day, saturday, 20th year by u.s. weekend. the biggest volunteer day in america. you don't have to sign up. make a volunteer -- >> writing an essay for "usa today." >> duke football, baby. we are bowl eligible for the first time since 1994. >> come to florida and talk about duke football? i'm cutting you off. that is embarrassing. that is embarrassing. >> the facts on bayonets and battleships and horses. >> very nice. now that's it. i'm staying on the road. i'll be in chicago tomorrow and see you. coming up next, chris jansing. bye-bye.
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